It'll be brilliant.

Victoria Brock is holed up in south UK in the glorious county of Somerset. Lots of sheep and cider. Great for sloe picking. 

Don’t worry about being an ocean away from a face-to-face meeting. Screen-to-screen works fine. 

If you’d like to…

a.  hire me

b.  ask a question

c.  figure out why we measure in metric but drive in imperial

d.  hire me

Drop me an email at or fill in the form, and let’s bounce.

(Between you and me – there’s an impish hare around here trying to get you to opt in to some half-baked newsletter. Don’t feed him or he’ll never leave you alone.

His name is Basil.)

Ready To Dash?

Victoria Brock, a.k.a Mad March Hare Copy, is a UK freelance copywriter who writes stellar copy for websites, blogs, video scripts and more. She dreams in shorthand.

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