I think those guys are called lawyers.

Mad March Hare Copy is me. Victoria Brock.

Freelance copywriter offering a veritable feast of content services here in the UK and around the world.

I founded Mad March Hare Copy because I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Take what, you ask?

The invasion of bloated, boring and banal content that plain sucks.

I can’t understand why so much written copy is so inexcusably dull. Eyes-propped-open-with-matchsticks dull. 

Don’t get me wrong – I know it’s not easy.

Maybe you’re in a dry or technical industry. Maybe you think reading is just for academics in tweed outfits. Maybe you’re just too damn busy doing important things – like running your business.

There’s still no need for the kind of listless, uninspired, dead inside content that makes customers . . .

•  fall into a state of self-induced hibernation

•  pack up and leave in search of a better life

•  (most importantly) forget all about you and go elsewhere

No, sir.

Sharp, snappy and memorable content gets lurkers to become prospects, and prospects to become customers. Simple.

What Do I Know?

I’ve got a couple of credentials to back up the big talk. 

I’ve got a fancy degree in English language and literature and I’m a qualified journalist published in several newspapers. I’ve got an even snazzier diploma in digital marketing (so I know the difference between CRM and CMS) and I’m a compulsive spelling corrector.

I’m also a fully accredited member of the Professional Writer’s Alliance.

Just don’t ask me to write like a keyword robot or with the vim and vigour of a carpet sample. You won’t get a second date.

Where Do You Want To Go Next?

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