Mad March Hare Copy


1. fast-running, long-eared mammals in the genus Lepus

2. English saying describing the impassioned and dramatic behaviour of hares in March

3. stellar copywriting services creating spectacular content with bold voice



Finding your brand’s unique voice and flaunting it to full effect gives you invaluable competitive edge. A little gift of the gab, and attracting new customers is a breeze.



Showcasing what you’ve got to offer in striking, memorable, brilliant copy will get you the results you want. Simple.


Stellar content establishes brand authority – fact. It shows the world (and Google) that you know your stuff inside out. You’ll have leads queuing at your door.

Is your business keen to produce cracking copy that generates results and tells your brand’s unique story?

You know the dilemma. Your business needs to sell your stuff and stick in the minds of your prospects. But you want to do it without sounding like a bland spambot.

Mad March Hare Copy was founded on that premise. No more limp, bedraggled, insipid copy. No fluff. No jargon. 

Just copy brimming with verveflairkick and – critically – the human touch.

Why Is Copywriting So Important?

Do you remember the copy inside your TV instructions?

Probably not.

But I  bet you remember the words of your favourite song. The catchy advert tagline stuck in your head. The words of Martin Luther King.

That’s great copywriting in action. 

In a world (let’s face it) saturated with content, your words need to soar above the noise. 

The only way to do that is with shameless personality and bespoke content strategy.

So what do you need? Website copy, a badass blog, an email sequence to make prospects fall heads over widget in love with you?

Whatever you need, it can be written. Get in touch to talk over your master plan and how I can be your secret ink slinger.


Copywriting is a glorious Frankenstein’s monster of science and art. 

There’s numbers, analytics, statistics, word counts, structures, anchors and profit.

There’s also profanity, sass, rawness, story, connection, scarcity, calm and crazy.

In buzzword terms, these all link together under content strategycontent marketingbranding and voice.

That’s what I offer.

It’s a big deal. It’s also awesome.

Website Content

Stellar, SEO optimised (not stuffed) website copy that’s enticing, persuasive and unforgettable. Landing pages, home, about, sales – it’s all covered.



Blogs are your party cards, personalised and brand-centric. They banish brand boredom and position you as an industry expert and thought leader.


Nothing beats eNewsletters for building loyal followings and brand authority. Catchy, spam-dodging subject lines, snappy content and a clear CTA – done.



An informational document that introduces, explains and sells your product to curious customers. It’s your product in a nutshell – an exquisitely written nutshell.


Case Studies

Sometimes called a ‘success story’, these pieces are the ultimate before and after tale of your brand nailing it. Winner winner chicken dinner.


It’s a cross between normal editorial and advertised space – the paid-for features that go into a magazine. Crush their tone of voice and rock the expert look.

Video Scripts

Producing a great video can get mind-boggling results. Video is a marketing heavyweight so starting from a sharp, emotive script is crucial for success.

Sales Copy

You know the type – a fascinating email full of mind-blowing, fantastic content that gets you to buy. Walking the line between sales and story pays dividends.

Product Descriptions

A picture paints a thousand words, but detailed, savvy descriptions sell products in pocket size spaces. No matter the product, the right words can make it sing.


Absolutely outstanding! Victoria has created a stunning website with visually appealing presentation, sophisticated simplicity and great content. The process was simplicity itself and she took every care to ensure I was involved from the outset. I felt I had complete control at all stages, although this proved unnecessary as Victoria seemed to know what I needed before I did! Victoria was great to work with, thoroughly professional and the final product was more than I hoped for. Thank you.

Andrew Berryman | Owner, Fimbarbados, Bajan Holiday Apartment

Having Victoria as a contributor to our blog is an editor’s dream. Victoria’s writing is sharp, personable, and well-written, consistently going above and beyond on the topic at hand. I’m grateful to have Victoria to turn to for quality content!

Sara Frandina | Co-head & Editor, One Woman Shop

Victoria Brock worked with our studio to create the perfect bespoke animated video script for a global health brand. She was fantastic to work with throughout, taking the time to understand the clients brand, technical subject, audience and video goals. The final result was an eloquent and engaging script which delivered exactly what our clients were after. We’ll look forward to working with Victoria again in the future.

Jon Draper | Creative Director and Animator, Stormy Studio

Victora Brock writes imaginative content that not only entertains the reader, but teaches them something too. Her content is always high quality, free of errors, and creative – three qualities that are essential to content that engages and retains readers. I recommend her highly for any writing project.

Shannon Willoby | Director of Content Marketing, Scott’s Marketplace

Victoria was a pleasure to work with. Her writing style is witty and moreish, and the blog posts she created really hit the target. I’ll be back for more.

Andrew Bull | Founder, Bright Arts

Victoria has been very helpful and professional to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a reliable and fast service, and would love to work with her again in the future.

Rikke Dahl, Owner | Owner, Love To Taste

Victoria was amazing – she listened to what my company does and what our aim is. She was very helpful and the finished product was better than I could have hoped. Thank you so much – I would highly recommend anyone to work with Victoria if they need help.

Lorna Markillie | Owner, L & D Training

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